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What yajnas and kirtans are done during Kumbh Mela?

The pilgrims proceed to the temples, where the priests conduct the yajnas after taking a dip in the holy river. Crowds swarm the stage when Brahmins or priests kindle a sacred fire. The priests begin mouthing Sanskrit mantras to worship and ask for the blessings of the All-Powerful after making offerings to Agni, the holy god of fire. The gods and their followers are supposed to be connected spiritually through yajnas.

Kirtans are another type of spiritual recitation. Priests perform musical rituals and chant hymns of adoration that tell the folklore and traditions associated with their gods. While playing classical instruments like the harmonium, veena, sitar (a string instrument), tablas (single drums), flute, and cymbals, musicians sing along with the audience.

Embrace the Legacy of Rishi Bharadwaj
Primary Idol is Rishi Bharadwaj
Speciality- One of the Sapta Rishis of Kaliyuga
Opening hours- Monday-Sunday, 05:30-22:00Hrs
Bharadwaj Ashram, located in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, is a significant spiritual and historical landmark associated with the epic Ramayana. Established by Rishi Bharadwaj, one of the Sapta Rishis of Kali Yuga, the ashram stands on the banks of the Ganges, offering a serene environment for meditation and reflection. Historically, Lord Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana visited this ashram during their exile, seeking guidance from the sage. The ashram complex houses the revered Bhardwajeshwar Linga, various ancient idols, and spiritually significant ponds. It's a hub of spiritual activities, especially during Hindu festivals and the Kumbh Mela. With its rich tapestry of legends,...