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What are the options for luxury accommodation at Kumbh Mela?

The hospitality industry was fully prepared to entertain the tourists and pilgrims by giving them top-notch luxury accommodations during their stay, so the Kumbh Mela 2025 exceeded the expectations of devotees. Many hospitality-related businesses with experience organising the Kumbh Fair in the year 2025 intend to build a temporary tent city along the Ganges River. 

The bus stop and the auspicious Sangam ghat are both nearby this tent city. To give visitors a special and comfortable stay, the hotel will upgrade the facilities. There are many comforts in the tents, such as Western toilets, a music system, a tea and coffee maker, newspapers, and mosquito repellent.

These facilities are intended to be part of the campus, which includes a kids’ area, parking, dining halls, lounges, meditation halls, and gardens that face the river. Additionally, they add some new flavours to their offerings, such as private boats for the Triveni Sangam, butler services, and doctors on call.

Embrace the Legacy of Rishi Bharadwaj
Primary Idol is Rishi Bharadwaj
Speciality- One of the Sapta Rishis of Kaliyuga
Opening hours- Monday-Sunday, 05:30-22:00Hrs
Bharadwaj Ashram, located in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, is a significant spiritual and historical landmark associated with the epic Ramayana. Established by Rishi Bharadwaj, one of the Sapta Rishis of Kali Yuga, the ashram stands on the banks of the Ganges, offering a serene environment for meditation and reflection. Historically, Lord Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana visited this ashram during their exile, seeking guidance from the sage. The ashram complex houses the revered Bhardwajeshwar Linga, various ancient idols, and spiritually significant ponds. It's a hub of spiritual activities, especially during Hindu festivals and the Kumbh Mela. With its rich tapestry of legends,...