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What happens after the Shahi Snan?

After taking a holy bath, the procession of ascetics and saints visits the local temples before heading back to where they are staying. The devotees typically welcome the ascetics and saints to their darshan while standing on both sides of the road, setting up flags and arches. Following this holy bath, the custom of receiving the saints and ascetics has persisted for many years.

The devotees’ fervent devotion is evident during the march. Even though there was a lot of security, many women went onto the road, touched the dust, and put it on their foreheads.

After taking the holy bath, the followers wander the streets in search of the ascetics’ and saints’ blessings before returning to their akhdas. Some of the naked ascetics pause for a while and bless their followers, while other ascetics do not permit anyone to approach them. To shoo the devotees away, some ascetics are lifting their arms. “Don’t touch my foot; my atonement is still incomplete,” many ascetics are saying.

The devotee and other participants begin taking a holy dip in the river to wash away their sins after finishing the Shahi Snan.

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