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Where is the Veni Madhav Temple located?

The Veni Madhav Temple is located in Prayagraj, a city historically and spiritually significant in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

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"Madhav Sakal Kaam Saadho"
Primary Idol is Lord Veni Madhav (Lord Vishnu)
Speciality- 12 Madhav Temple
Opening hours- 05:00-12:00Hrs & 16:00-20:00Hrs (All Days)
Situated in Prayagraj, the Veni Madhav Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Its history dates back to Treta Yug when Vishnu vanquished the demon Gajkarna to safeguard the Triveni Sangam. Esteemed in Hindu scriptures, a pilgrimage to Prayagraj is deemed incomplete without a visit to this temple. Beyond its spiritual essence, the temple is an architectural wonder, drawing devotees and history enthusiasts alike. It symbolizes devotion, ancient lore, and India's rich cultural tapestry....