Mauni Amavasya

Snan at


Kumbh Mela  2025


The Silence of Dawn

A Silent Awakening. Embrace the profound silence of Mauni Amavasya, the day of silent reflection and spiritual immersion.

The Sacred Snan

A Moment of Purification. Join in the silent ritual bath, a powerful act of cleansing and submission to the divine.

Vow of Silence

The Power of Maun. Experience the spiritual discipline of silence, fostering deeper introspection and connection with the self.

Spiritual Gathering

Unity in Silence. Amidst the vastness of the Kumbh, find unity and solace in the shared commitment to silence and prayer.

Rituals and Offerings

A Silent Tribute. Engage in the silent rituals of homage, connecting with the cosmos and the lineage of ancestors.

The Essence of Meditation

Journey Within. Dive deep into meditation, exploring the inner realms and the profound silence that enlightens.

The Holy Confluence

Where Waters Merge. At the sacred Sangam, where rivers meet, experience the confluence of body, spirit, and cosmos.

Reflections at Twilight

Contemplating the Divine. As daylight fades, reflect on the profound silence and the spiritual insights gained on this auspicious day.

The Path Ahead

Illuminated by Faith. Carrying the silence within, let the lessons of Mauni Amavasya light your way on the spiritual journey ahead.

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